The Master of Bruges

A love story and political thriller�full of exquisite descriptions of�15th century London, this tale is based on the life�of one of Europe’s most�brilliant and enigmatic painters�who found himself at the heart of a political stormMaster painter Hans Memling is without peer in the artistic world of 15th-century Bruges. But when he falls in love with the Princess Marie, daughter of his powerful patron, the Duke of Burgundy, his life begins to unravel. Made reckless by his passion for Marie, Hans accepts an invitation to visit old allies in London. But there he will find himself plunged into the final stages of the War of the Roses and embroiled in one of the greatest political mysteries of all time,�as he plays a crucial role in the fate of the Princes in the Tower. At once a spellbinding historical thriller and a vivid examination of the artistic impulse, this is�an enthralling debut.


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