The Honourable Schoolboy


As the fall of Saigon looms, master spy George Smiley must outmaneuver his Soviet counterpart on a battlefield that neither can afford to lose.

The mole has been eliminated, but the damage wrought has brought the British Secret Service to its knees. Given the charge of the gravely compromised Circus, George Smiley embarks on a campaign to uncover what Moscow Centre most wants to hide. When the trail goes cold at a Hong Kong gold seam, Smiley dispatches Gerald Westerby to shake the money tree. A part-time operative with cover as a philandering journalist, Westerby insinuates himself into a war-torn world where allegiances-and lives-are bought and sold.

Brilliantly plotted and morally complex, The Honourable Schoolboy is the second instalment of John le Carr?’s renowned Karla trilogy and a riveting portrayal of postcolonial espionage.

“Not a page of this book is without intelligence and grace.” The New York Times


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