Paradise News



Paradise, tourist style. It’s a very long way from home.
Bernard Walsh is in Hawaii on family business, escorting his querulous father to the bedside of a long-forgotten aunt. His mission transports him from quiet obscurity in Rummridge, England, to a lush tropical playground, from cloistered solitude into the unfamiliar company of package tourists: honeymooners; young women looking for Mr. Nice; families nuclear and fissile.

But it is the island itself that holds the most astonishing surprises, as an accidental encounter opens up to Bernard possibilities of life, and love, never dreamed of in his normally overcast habitat. Paradise News is an enchanting–and very funny–portrait of the late flowering of an honest man.

“Narrative tricks aside, Lodge’s Catholicism and his gimlet eye make him the true heir of Evelyn Waugh.” Kirkus Review.


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