My Venice




Harold Brodkey’s haunting, lyrical portrait of his most beloved city.

Venice is a separate country,” Harold Brodkey wrote of the fabled city that became his literary muse. “It floats at anchor inside its own will, among its domes and campanili, independent and exotic at its heart.”The author’s love of Venice–its churches and vaporetti, its capacity to bewilder and seduce–brought him back time and again to the shores of the Adriatic in search of fresh inspiration.

Brodkey’s Venice is marked by powerful contrasts: pride beside humility, the sacred alongside the profane, solemn tradition coexisting with exuberant mercantile optimism.

Illustrated with eleven stunning black-and-white portraits by the legary Italian photographer Giuseppe Bruno, My Venice combines passages from several of Brodkey’s great works with previously unpublished notes and essays to create a text as rich, subtle, and beguiling as the city itself.


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