Marrying Anita: A Quest for Love in the New India



Sam Miller set out to discover the real Delhi, a city he describes as “India’s dreamtown-and its purgatory.” He treads the city streets, making his way through the city and its suburbs, visiting its less celebrated destinations-Nehru Place, Rohini, Ghazipur, and Gurgaon-which most writers and travelers ignore. His quest is the here and now, the unexpected, the overlooked, and the eccentric. All the obvious ports of call make appearances: the ancient monuments, the imperial buildings, and the celebrities of modern Delhi. But it is through his encounters with Delhi’s people-from a professor of astrophysics to a crematorium attendant, from ragpickers to members of a police brass band-that Miller creates this richly entertaining portrait of what Delhi means to its residents, and of what the city is becoming.


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