Helsinki White



Book 3/5 in the An Inspector Vaara Novel Series

Inspector Kari Vaara, recovering from brain surgery, is back to doing police work-under circumstances most cops only dream of. Reporting directly to the national chief of police, Kari and his partners Milo and Sulo have been granted secrecy and autonomy for their new black-ops unit, and plenty of cash to work with, including whatever they can steal from Helsinki’s mobsters.

But Kari’s team is too good, and their actions have unintended consequences…The president of Finland wants the team on a new case: the vicious assassination of a prominent immigrants’ rights activist. Against a backdrop of simmering hatred spreading across the country, Kari must solve a case that involves the kidnapping of a billionaire’s children, a Faustian bargain with a former French Legionnaire-and his own wife.

“Thompson’s style is on the dark end of the ‘Nordic Noir’ spectrum. The genre – with its stark and often violent police procedurals – has proved wildly successful?The marquee names have come from Sweden – think Stieg Larsson’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, or Henning Mankell’s Wallander series – but Norway’s Jo Nesbo and Iceland’s Arnaldur Indridason and Yrsa Sigurdardottir have also made their mark with international readers. Thompson stands out from that crowd by writing in English and telling Vaara’s gritty narrative in the first person. ” The New York Times


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