One of the most enjoyable accounts of the city ever written, full of teeming life and startling contrasts. Yes, times have changed since 1877, but this complex and vibrant portrait of the city remains recognizable.

A remarkable 19th-century account of Constantinople that expertly combines personal anecdote, breathtaking visual observation, and entertaining historical information

Edmondo de Amicis’s brilliant look into an integral facet of world history begins with a dazzling description of the city gradually appearing through the fog as the author’s ship approaches it through the harbor. His narrative further goes on to provide an invaluable record of Constantinople as it used to be-a fascinating crossroads between Eastern and Western civilization and one of the most cosmopolitan cities of its time-as well as a vivid example of a European tourists’ reaction to it-part delight, part incomprehension. This book will provide an enriching read for lovers of history or those planning to visit Istanbul themselves.


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