Ambrosia, Volume 2: Denmark



Now is the most exciting time to dine in the Danish capital. Perhaps the most influential food city in the world, Copenhagen is the birthplace of the New Nordic movement, a cooking philosophy devoted to hyperlocal ingredients and boundless experimentation. Led by Rene Redzepi at Noma, the chefs in the Danish capital are creating a food culture all their own, all while exporting its ethos to countless cities across the globe.

In this issue, the country s great chefs street vendors and guardians of hallowed centuries-old institutions to young guns and Noma disciples tell us, through their own words and signature recipes, how Danish dining came into its own and what it s like to cook in Denmark in 2016. Volume 2 eats its way through Denmark and brings you stories, photos, and light recipes from the Scandinavian country s greatest chefs.


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